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on Mon Jun 19, 2017 2:23 am

Type of promotion: Forum
Name of the page: Chowder Chat
Address of the page: http://chowderchat.proboards.com/
Description of the page:  Hi,  A general chat forum where you can chat, meet new people and discuss whatever you want, from media to technology etc.  Our Categories(Including sub categories in them.)  - Anything/Everything Gaming: rom consoles, to portable, and PC games/online games. All gaming discussion goes here. - Anime / Manga: From Inyuasha to other japanese anime and mangas. - Comedy / Pranks: Found a funny joke or prank? Made up your own joke? - Education / School: From High school to college, Any type of school. - Everything Network: Discuss, Youtube, Facebook, Myspace, Everything Social Network. - General Discussion: Anything off topic from other fourms go here. - Health / Fitness: Worried about your health or fitness? Discuss everything here from Gyms to nutrious food Etc. - Media / Politics: Discuss anything to do with Television, music, radio, internet, politics, debates, books and any other media (Technology included too.)  - Forum Presentaion: Promote your forum here. - Website / Commercial Advertising: Promote your website and blog, Or commercial purposes here. - Other: Any other type of advertising goes here.  So much stuff to discuss,  Sign Up Today : http://chowderchat.forumotion.com
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