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on Fri Feb 24, 2017 1:11 am

Type of promotion: Website
Name of the page: ShoppingCartElite
Address of the page: https://www.shoppingcartelite.com/
Description of the page: Today's Most Sophisticated eCommerce Solution
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on Fri Feb 24, 2017 1:47 am

It's not a secret that selecting an eCommerce platform is the hardest business decision when expanding to online selling. The eCommerce market is full of hundreds of platforms, making very confusing for entrepreneurs to select. An ordinary entrepreneur who does not have technical knowledge can even spend sixmonths reviewing and testing various platform capabilities and functions. There is no universal perfect eCommerce, so it's advisable to explore each platform benefits and limitations.
With the high demand of marketplace sales, many entrepreneurs
are finding very hard to maintain the daily task with their multiple accounts on Amazon, eBay, Sear, Jet, etc. Many software companies used this opportunity to develop a multichannel hub to reduce the workload from entrepreneurs. The multichannel hub provides easy and efficient ways to sell on multiple marketplaces channel controlled by a single central software's.
Among the pull of eCommerce platform and the multichannel hub is Shopping Cart Elite, a company that offers all-in-one eCommerce service under a single UI. Shopping Cart Elite is the only platform in the market which you can have both a hosted website along with marketplaces integration without paying for the third-party extension.
To start selling on marketplaces with Shopping Cart Elite, you will first need to download the software from the official website.
Marketplaces with Shopping Cart Elite

[Website] ShoppingCartElite Image110

Once SCE completes your store setup, they will send you an email with your store license file Marketplaces with Shopping Cart Elite along with username and password email with your store license file along with username and password which you will need to load into the program when you open the SCE application on your computer.          

It is as easy as that to launch Shopping Cart Elite on your computer.

[Website] ShoppingCartElite Image210

Setting up your marketplaces from with Shopping Cart Elite

Sign up with Amazon Marketplaces Web Service (Amazon MWS) in your Seller Central Account and get your MWS keys to connect with Shopping Cart Elite. Marketplaces with Shopping Cart Elite

[Website] ShoppingCartElite Image311

Watch the video for more information here

Getting your marketplace product files into a spreadsheet
Since you are already selling in the marketplace (e.g. Amazon), the next step is to download your product file. Login to your Amazon Seller Central Account and on the top menu, select "Inventory => Inventory Reports."

[Website] ShoppingCartElite Image410

The file will look like something below when opened in Excel.

[Website] ShoppingCartElite Image510

So, how do you automate your data entry on marketplaces?
Using Shopping Cart Elite marketplace management functions, you can do anything with your listing on Marketplace. You can execute activities such as inventory update, prices, update, export and import listing, etc. Here is a simple step to export product listing using Shopping Cart Elite to do any of the above functions:
Step 1.
When you login into your BackOffice, on the right of the screen there will be a list on dashboard menu. A single click on "Marketplace" will open a list of the marketplace features.

[Website] ShoppingCartElite Image611

Step 2
On the list of features click on "Manage Marketplaces", the dashboard will open with Feed Tab and Feed Log Activity on different marketplaces.

[Website] ShoppingCartElite Image710

Step 3
The next step is to select the Feed you want to export in the Feed Tab. Once you choose the feed, you can go the Food Log Activity and click on "Export" highlighted in blue. The select your location of your file.

[Website] ShoppingCartElite Image811

Final Step
Go to the file location and open you excel file with all the columns and prices. You can use this file to update anything with your marketplace listing, whether its prices, prodId, images, descriptions, title, etc.

[Website] ShoppingCartElite Image910

Well, this was the little secret to automate your marketplace selling using the right eCommerce tool in the market.
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