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on Tue Jul 04, 2017 3:48 pm

Type of promotion: Website
Name of the page: Promote Hosting
Address of the page: http://promotehosting.net/
Description of the page: PREMINUM FEATURES Upload Own Styles Get freedom over the look of your forum! Request styles to be uploaded for your site! Unlimited Hosting Fast and unlimited hosting for 99.9% uptime and unlimited growth! Promotion & Help We help you grow through help and advice! Checkout our dedicated Promotion Forum! Safe & Secure Our servers are protected against DDOS Attacks and all data is encrypted and secure! Quality Hosting, 100% Free! We host your phpBB 3.2 on our servers at the chosen subdomain name you chose at signup. After signing up, a member of the team will quickly check over your registration and activate your hosting! (Please allow us 24hrs for this) After that, we'll manage all the hosting things and let you get on with managing your community. We offer free subdomains to all new signups but if you've got a domain, we will power it! Simply follow the settings in the ACP to get your forum working from your own domain, free of charge! We have over 10 pre-installed themes but don't let that hold you back! Head over to the support forum and request a custom (Must be phpbb 3.2 compatable) style to be installed and we'll sort it out for you, free of charge! So what are you waiting for?
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