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  • Each member is allowed to create up to three (3) promotional topics for three (3) different forums/blogs/sites/websites.
  • Each topic can be bumped or updated after the time span, which is 24 hours. That means that you are allowed to bump your topic or post updates once every 24 hours.
  • Other members are allowed to post in promotional topics only if they have something to say about the forum and not to criticize, harass or say something that goes against the Rules of the forum.
  • Promotional topics must be created by an Administrator of the forum.
  • Members of the forum, if authorized, can update the forum even if they are not Staff.
  • Promotional topics with titles that contain words or phrases such as: We need Staff, Come join us, Important, etc that are not the name of the forum will be moved to locked topics and that member will have only two (2) forums left to promote. This does not include the topics that authors have requested to move to locked topics.
  • All promotional topics must provide the information written below that are based on the guidelines of this section. Each topic that violate the guidelines will be moved to locked topics and rule number 6 will give them as a result two (2) forums to promote.